About Us

Accurate Staging is a company dedicated to quality craftsmanship. Since 2001 our team of In-House designers and Fabricators have worked diligently with clients to meet all the details of shows, productions and events. Our unique approach to design, production and management of your project will result in an efficient and affordable system that will save you time and money. We take the stress off your sholders.

We are experts in the construction and development of touring sets. Along with skilled craftsmen employed to construct and maintain all equipment. With our large supply of off the shelf tools there is no project too big or complex that we can't tackle.

With locations in Los Angeles, Nashville, & San Francisco we are able to cater to events, trade shows, TV productions & touring sets, on a nationwide scale.

We are Accurate Staging.

Los Angeles

(310) 324-1040


(615) 369-2175

San Francisco

(510) 636-1576