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Lifts & Turn Tables

Whether you have a design or would like to use our set construction experts, we are ready to assist you. Our industry famous turnaround speed will ensure your show will be on time and most importantly, tour ready.

Latin Grammys Lift

We can save you time & money because we have a large variety of stock rental equipment that can easily be incorporated with any custom build. Check out our Stock Gear page & start your next design.

Need to elevate your performance? We have a wide range of elevators and lifts that can bring your vision to life. Whether you want movement and spinning simultaneously or just need to elevate from the ground floor up, we have it covered.

Lift Projector

Looking to add to movement to your staging? We offer rotating turn tables, elevators, spinning risers, conveyor belts and much more. You are able to display cars, boats, models, and many other elements to your presentation. Our large radius turn tables can be set up to utilize two different “stages or sets”. This is ideal for the festival atmosphere where speed and efficiency of gear set up is critical. The set up of these units is fast and efficient as well.

Our custom department can handle just about any request. We also have some of these items available for rent. So if you need to add that extra wow factor to your show then look no further.

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